Holiday Decorating Ideas

Holiday Decorating Ideas


At the beginning of December the festive euphoria starts, on the streets, in shops, malls, as well as in the homes of all of us. Although grew up a bit, the child in us is looking forward to decorating a home that will contribute to creating a joyful festive atmosphere.

Festive atmosphere allows the use of various patterns and colours, although, during the New Year and Christmas holidays, the most dominant are red, white, green, gold and silver.

Decorate a fir is a very important ritual in most families. Firstly, make sure that the tree, whether natural or artificial, is placed in the proper place and decorate it according to its size and space. Everyone has their own way of decorating the Christmas tree and favourite ornaments, some of which are stored for dozens of years. Decorating should always start from the decorative bulbs, which make up the festive atmosphere. Decorative lights can be placed on the tree, but also independently in different parts of the home. Light effects significantly contribute to creating the enhanced festive spirit and they decorate the home. Instead on the tree, set up the lights on the curtain this year or seal them on the wall in an interesting form, for example, of a snowflake.

Before rushing to the Chinese or hypermarkets looking for New Year's decorations, here are a few tips on how you can make them yourself. This will be especially fun if you have children. The tree itself can be drawn on the wall or made of pasta, books and a variety of other materials that would evoke the spirit of the New Year holiday. Christmas and New Year wreaths that you would hang on the door or put on the dining table are an ideal decoration for this magical time of year. You can make them if you are skilled enough, or you can order them in a flower shop. The balls do not have to be only on the tree, but, arrange them in a glass vase or bowl and place in the middle of the table. You can add the cones coloured with nail polish or spray decoration, some pine boughs and red bows, and you will get a very interesting decoration for the table. Wrap the cloth, scarves, and shawls around the chairs in the dining room and by creating bows, add the festive warmth to the table.

Snowflakes of paper, in the form of stars, are incredibly decorative if you make them carefully and connect with thread to the network you will then spread to the window. Make your own paper chains using the strips of decorative paper. Fill the glass jars and vases with glitter, confetti or even granulated sugar (which looks like snow) and then insert the candles. Bend the paper napkins in various colours in a fan, and then connect their ends with wires and attach them to the ceiling with thread.

Turn off the chandelier, light lamps and candles that you have deployed around the room, as they create a special atmosphere. Put the tear pieces of cotton wool sporadically on the table. You will enter the spirit of snow in the area. Decorate houseplants with small ornaments. If you have a terrace, decorate it. Decorate the fence with artificial evergreen branches with decorations and lights, and the walls with small wreaths.