How To Organize Your Wardrobe

How To Organize Your Wardrobe


For most people, wardrobe and closet doors are the only line of defence against unwanted look on the chaos in which the items are. These are the places where our clothes seem to conduct their own anarchist politics, and we are powerless to counter. It is time to put an end to it!

The most important thing is organization. Sort and organize clothes, and then plan how and where you will postpone each item.

Create categories. Sort clothes and stuff in the closet so you have a complete overview of where the each piece of clothing is placed. You will prevent the wrinkling of clothes and you will have a better overview of everything. This will facilitate your orientation in the closet and shorten the time for finding suitable outfits. The next step is to sort the clothing to the colours...

Also, put the clothes you wear on a daily basis in one part of the closet apart from the one for the job and for the ceremonies. If you want to further save space, excellent choices are the rods for hanging clothes. Take the seasons into account and group the similar pieces.

Use wooden or canvas-coated hangers, because they are the best for the preservation of clothes. You can put two and even three things on one hanger, but let it always be the clothes of the same category. In addition, in the interior of the closet, you can add a few hooks for storing scarves, belts, hats and other stylish accessories.

Do not store a bunch of stuff with the idea of "I will lose weight". If these are clothes 5 years and older, believe - you will not lose weight so much. Even if you lose weight, things will certainly go out of fashion. Therefore, if you have excess clothing, you can hand it to one of the humanitarian organizations or perhaps sell it online.

Get cardboard or plastic boxes that you will keep at the bottom of the closet and into which you can dispose the whole range of items: underwear, socks, ties, jeans, sweaters...

Try to always have a few bags of lavender in closets, for both reasons fresh clothes and moths. For freshness in the closet, you can set up the unpacked solid soap, and the effect will surprise you.

The situation is similar with the shoes... Distribute it according to the season and sort. For this, particularly suitable are pull-out elements, as well as transparent plastic boxes in which you can always see a piece of footwear they contain. You can get along two pairs of thin shoes on one shelf such as slippers and flip-flops. All that you will not wear for a while (e.g. during winter), such as sandals, ballet slippers, you can neatly put in boxes.