How To Choose A Paint Color

How To Choose A Paint Color


Whether you are painting yourself or you hire professionals to do the job, choosing the colours for the walls is generally more difficult than the painting of the apartment. This should be approached carefully and thoughtfully, because shades of colours you use in your home certainly affect you and your family members.

You can literally told play with colours, but only the right choice of colours can highlight the parts of the apartment that you want to highlight; likewise, the appropriate colour and shade can overlay some disadvantages. You can enlarge the space with colour, visually shrink it, expand and thus make the ambience that you want.

If the room lacks daylight, we advise that you do not paint the walls (nor to choose furniture) in dark tones, but select the lighter and warmer shades to make the space seems more open and comfortable. Rooms that have more natural light better "tolerate" darker colours than the poorly lit rooms. Balance is all in choosing the right colours.

We will try to help you with the dilemma with some concrete advice on colours.

Living rooms require warmer tones as they create an intimate atmosphere in the area and promote sociability, and recommended colours are shades of orange and yellow because they raise energy and provide a sense of security and warmth.

Hallways and entrance rooms should be painted in warm colours because they create a welcoming feeling.

Blue is known as cool, relaxing and soothing colour. It is ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. Pink colour indicates the love and it is also a great option for the bedrooms because it is soothing and relaxing.

For the kitchen, the best choices are vibrant colours like red, yellow and orange. Red colour awakens the appetite.

The green colour relaxes and relieves stress, and indicates the nature and energy, is an excellent choice for dining room, and the perfect colour for the working room.

Chocolate colour on your walls will cause a feeling of tranquillity and security. If you like brown, it is recommended for all rooms in your home.

A good choice for the children’s rooms is certainly pastel colours. Of course, customize the colour to your child's gender, and if you want to provide special moments for your child, you can make a surprise and paint his/her favourite characters from the cartoon on the wall.