How To Choose Wall Coverings

How To Choose Wall Coverings

In addition to the former simply painting in white and a kind of disinfection of house with lime, contemporary interior decoration imposes the trend of wall decoration, and a perfect option for this are wall coverings.

At the time of the Renaissance, the rich nobility and the wealthy citizens placed costly tapestries, carvings, brocade and draperies on the walls, while less wealthy citizens sought to elevate their space using wall coverings as a cheap imitation of tapestry. Today, wall coverings are the real works of art.

In recent years, trends re-impose the application of wall coverings, as they are an indispensable part of modern spatial planning. It is primarily about decorative technique of wall decoration. Wall coverings are grateful for decoration of rooms because its texture, colour and patterns can even give the three-dimensionality to the walls.

Decorating with wall coverings can be elegant and durable, and therefore it is important to take time to plan, not to hurry, to determine the style and atmosphere we want to create – it is necessary to plan the space functionally and aesthetically. However, when you decide to decorate your walls with wall coverings, you should decide on the type and pattern.

There is a great choice of wall coverings in different colours, designs and materials on the market. It is known that the colour first, and then the textures and patterns influence the mood and atmosphere of the premises. Choose the wall coverings in accordance with the furniture (colour and style). It is your decision, but bear in mind that there are several types of wall coverings: plain paper, washable paper, wall coverings of coarse fibbers, plastic wall coverings, fabric wall coverings... Motives can be different: floral, geometric, abstract motifs, stripes, imitation of natural materials…

A special place in this world takes the photo wall coverings. It is the technology of wall coverings which allows you to put on the wall any photo or digital creation. Photo wall coverings are made on paper or fleece background.

Novelty in the market is so-called interactive wall coverings (Touch me wall coverings). These are the wall coverings that change the colour and pattern on touch, and return to the initial state in a few minutes.

Wall stickers or stickers for the walls, with different motives, will beautify the space and change the overall impression, regardless of whether you put them over the one or over the all walls. Stickers and wall coverings with different visual and textual messages, excellently fit the hallways, and can be applied on furniture or doors.

Wall coverings are special and elegant way to get a whole new experience of space with very little effort, creativity and money. Many decorators suggest to put the wall coverings – on the ceiling! This is particularly effective in the kitchen, dining room and living room, as the space gets a third dimension.