Living Room Arrangement Ideas

One of the most important rooms in your house is the living room. It represents a kind of refuge after a hard day for all family members, a room for relaxing in the afternoon or conversations with friends. This is a place that should be exuded with warmth and good energy, and it is up to you to make it such.

Living room should be designed with a certain taste and style that represents you. It is your "identity card". Try to think outside the bounds and to arrange your space the way it will most suit your habits, needs and lifestyle.

This room should be painted with pleasant shades, equipped with functional pieces of furniture, simple to maintain, in order to contribute to the feeling of comfort and pleasure of the people who are staying there.

Sitting elements in your living room will occupy most of the space. Other elements that you enter into this space should have a function, whether it is the dresser, TV stand, showcase, or tables. All of them should be organized to provide clean walking lines, and not to encumber the space.

The central position of each room is furniture, whether it is the sofa, couch, or corner sofa. The position of this piece influences the organization and use of space, mostly because the other furniture is assembled precisely around it. In any case, it is useful to have a lower light table, easy for carrying, so it can be moved if necessary. Colours and designs depend on your preferences and style you aspire. You can give the depth to the living room by combining different materials and textures. Bright furniture with simple lines creates a harmonious and visually larger space.

The side walls filled with open shelves can be an ideal solution for storing books. If you have an artistic picture or photo you believe is special - give it a special place, highlight it. Place the family photos on shelves or walls. Highlight the outermost wall with a mirror that visually deepens the space and gives more light. You should be careful with the colours of walls - too dark colours swallow the space, while light make the room more spacious.

Highlight the interesting details or colours on the wall with adequate lighting. Instead of a luminaries, such as chandelier, use more of them, in the form of lamps, ceiling lighting, illumination set behind objects, and it would be ideal if you have a couple of floor lamps arranged in the corners. Such lighting will give the room a sense of intimacy, relaxation, warmth.

Carpets should not be huge. Let the colour of the mat be similar to the second primary colour of the room. Fabrics, curtains and decorative pillows which can equip the living room must comply with the overall image of the space.